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AICM Scholarship Program
In addition to her orphanage efforts, AICM also offers financial support to deserving students at Church of the Believer's Christian High School in Monrovia, Liberia.

We currently need support for 100 students. Most of these students are victims of the 15+ year civil strife that has plung the country into destitution and dispair. Many are orphans or children of parents who are unable to meet their educational financial needs.

The future of Liberia depends on these young disenfranchised, which is the driving force behind AICM's Scholarship Program. All it takes are 100 Partners committed to $ 100 (U.S.) per Semester per student to meet our current goal. Is the Lord speaking to your heart to join us in this endeavor? Please pray that He speaks to at least a 100 Partners.

We want to thank our faithful partners for helping us educate the future leaders of our beloved country.

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